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The Importance of a Well Written Contract- Revisited

I have written in the past about the importance of a well written contract, but as my litigation practice expands I am constantly reminded about how important this is. The importance of not only including all of the legal boilerplate, but also making sure the specifics of dispute resolution are ironed out is paramount.

While this is certainly a problem with small businesses that are (understandably so) trying to save money by drafting contracts themselves, it also is a problem with large corporations that have Attorneys draft their contracts. It seems so often the Attorneys get caught up in the minutia of who is warranting and representing versus providing notice or knowledge, that they miss defining important practical aspects of the contract.

I am currently involved in a major arbitration proceedings that involves two large companies with a dispute about how to interpret a provision of the contract. The contract sets out all of the proper legal positions of each party, but fails to define a mechanism to determine who actually has what rights. (I cannot give specifics, but it has to do with calculations of different percentages of sales, and there is no method given to determine such calculation)

Now, instead of spending a few more attorney hours sorting this problem out in advance, both parties are spending tens of thousands of dollars arbitrating the dispute.

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