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What happens if I get sued? An overview of Litigation in Wisconsin

If you run a business, sooner or later you will have a disagreement with a customer, contractor, or vendor that may lead to litigation. For many business owners litigation, and what is entailed, is clouded in mystery. The next few articles are going to attempt to illuminate some of those mysteries and explain the process, in general terms, for litigation with a bend towards the local rules and practices of Milwaukee County.

Please realize that each individual case is going to have its own intricacies and variables, and I certainly would not recommend using these articles as a road map to represent yourself, as this outline will be very broad and may be missing key elements that are essential for your case.

The basic steps of any litigation are the following:

– Pleadings
– Discovery
– Motions
– Mediation
– Trial

While most cases never make it all the way to trial, you can expect anywhere from 18-24 months to go from initial filing to Jury trial.

The next five articles will review each of the above steps and try and give you an overview of what is involved.

Part 1 of 5, “Pleadings”

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