Business Law

The Blog is Back

After a few years hiatus, I have decided to bring back the blog. I am not sure why I got away from it, as I always really enjoyed the process and in sharing information with the Milwaukee Business community.

I think the reality is that I just got busy. I have been doing more and more litigation work, and really relying on my team at Halling & Cayo to handle the transactional practice (contract drafting and review) and employment issues. However, I recently caught up with a class mate from law school (Josh Cronin), as we are both serving as local counsel (for opposite sides) on an American Arbitration Association (AAA) case and we were catching up on just basic stuff regarding the progression of our careers over the last 13 years. Josh was kind enough to mention how much he always liked this blog, and I realized I felt the same way. I told him I had killed it (which I had), but realized nothing on the internet is ever actually dead.

So, in a fit of inspiration, I figured out how to get back into it, undo all of the forwards to the main firm site that had been put in place, and revived the site. I have decided that I plan to try and get back to reposting about legal topics affecting the Milwaukee Business community. My first post, scheduled for Monday April 13, 2020 is actually an article I wrote for my LinkedIn page, but it was one I liked and I thought would be a good way to jump start the refresh.

Hopefully I can get some of the old following back and continue to provide valuable information to Milwaukee Business owners.