Do you own or operate a business in Milwaukee?

If so, and you have an issue, you have probably asked yourself the following questions:

  • How much does a lawyer cost?
  • Do I need a lawyer?
  • How will my lawyer add value to my business?

My name is Sean Sweeney, I am Milwaukee Business Lawyer and a shareholder at Halling & Cayo, S.C. who focuses on serving business owners and corporations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My goal is to avoid the stodgy attorney-client “this is what you should do” mentality and strive for a more expansive and collaborate approach that keeps your profitability in mind. I strive to remember why you are in business, it is not to avoid liability (as many attorneys seem to see it) but to make money.

How do I approach the practice of law?

I consider myself a professional problem solver. A favorite saying is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That statement is particularly true when it comes to business relationships. At all times we strive to see if we can resolve the issue before it becomes a major problem. I spend most of my days talking clients out of escalating a dispute. I remind my clients that our approach is a one-way ratchet, we can always become more aggressive or demanding, but we can never go back the other way. It is in your business best interest to explore those options before we escalate a situation. I always want to at least find out what it would take to resolve a case before taking the next step. 

What will Sean and the Attorneys at Halling & Cayo S.C. do for my business?

It can be summed up in one word “Protection”. Whether that means our team working to review your contracts and ensuring what you are signing onto is the same as what was negotiated, working with you on employment issues regarding your employees, helping you to collect what you are owed, or defending you against allegations against your company, we are there to protect you and your business interests.

A recent example may illustrate the point. Our task was not to perform X or Y legal service, our task was to get our Client paid. In this case, it was an engineering company that contacted us to try and collect what it was owed on a project. The company that had hired his company for the work, refused to pay and we had to sue them. After a jury trial (which we won) my client was awarded a multi-hundred thousand verdict, but our work did not stop there. After trial, we arranged for a payment plan from the Defendant, secured by its assets, and collected most of the money over the next couple of years. However, the company did not stay in business, and went under while still owing our client a fair amount of the original debt. We were not done. We ended up auctioning off all of the assets of the company and recovered another six figures for our client. At one point I personally went and cleared out computers, drawings, and other business assets from the site because that is what needed to happen to solve the problem. I am never afraid to roll up my sleeves, figuratively and literally, to help guide a client and their business forward. 

What do clients have to say about working with Sean?

Highly Recommend

All the work I have had done has been completed to a very high standard, communication has been excellent, and has been great value for the money. Unlike many law firms, the advice they give is truly intended to resolve the issue, not create a future revenue stream for the firm. Their flat rate billing is a good innovation also. Highly recommended.

Gary L.

LLC Formation

We had our LLC and operating agreement set up by Sean and it was a great experience. He answered ever question we had and made everything very easy to understand. We plan on having a lasting relationship. Would recommend to anyone in need of a business lawyer.

Dave H.

Excellent Legal Representation

My experience thus far with the firm and particularly, Sean Sweeney has been outstanding! Although we have yet to move the case forward officially, I have nothing but great things to say about the advice and service.

Jeffrey Brown


I am a client of Sean for few years and I am impressed with his work but most importantly with how caring he is about someone elses problems.I have also worked with others in that office and I would recommend these lawyers to anyone who is lost and needs guidance. Each one of them is helpful, professional and always available.


Trusted Advisor

Sean Sweeney & his team became a trusted advisor to me and my family by providing a valuable service to our needs. He exceeded expectations with his ability to act prudently and swiftly when called upon. I’m happy he’s on my team!

Todd Barden

Outstanding Service

I have worked with Sean Sweeney for 5+ years and find his legal acumen, service, and body of work exceptional. His legal mind and intuition is outstanding as is his commitment to excellence. I would strongly recommend him !

Jim H.

Exceeded Expectations

I am totally satisfied with the representation by Halling & Cayo Law Firm, Sean Sweeney and his team. They exceeded my expectations especially based on our authorized minimum expectations and their exceeding those by significant amounts

Bill B

Excellent Work

Sean (and his team) did a wonderful job handling my case. He kept me informed every step of the way and was always willing to answer my endless and sometimes repetitive questions!

Kathy M

Amazing Attorney

Sean Sweeney has helped us in so many ways that we can only say that he is nothing short of fabulous . From employment situations to business formations and much more, he has provided us the counseling and care that was above and beyond all we could ask. If need arises, we more than highly recommend, and will always turn to our attorney, Sean Sweeney.

Melanie Cholka

Outstanding Service & Outcome From Them On My Business Litigation Case

I can’t say enough about the service and outcome from Sean Sweeney and his team regarding my business litigation case. They went above & beyond staying focused with my various issues. The end result was exactly what I needed them for and if in the future I have any kind of issue I know I can count on them. If anyone else needs help with legal items I can’t stress enough that Halling & Cayo will get their issue handled in the best possible way.

Jay Lindseth

Excellent Lawyers

Sean Sweeney and Seth Hill helped establish my business. The process was painless and they took care of everything from the setup of my LLC, to giving me contracts to use, and guided me on scenarios I could expect. I trust them. Anytime I need to chat through something, no matter how busy they seem, I always get a prompt reply with well thought out responses.

James Pellizzi

How much does a lawyer cost?

For you sales people out there, you will know the old adage regarding price vs. costs. One (price) is what you actually pay for the service, the other (cost) is the total cost of paying the price for the service versus the potential cost of not hiring an attorney. While it is impossible to tell you the price without the relevant facts for your particular situation, we offer free consultations to discuss your issue and if I, or someone on my team, cannot help you, I won’t charge you and I will see if I can find a referral for someone that can help. 

What if I have been sued or need to file suit?

If your case escalates to a lawsuit, we can offer fixed fee pricing. How can you decide whether to resolve your dispute or bring the case to a lawsuit unless you know what your costs will be? I can now provide that certainty through our Flat Fee Litigation pricing model. Our fee structure tells you exactly what your case will cost from soup to nuts, but is also split into phases, so you get the best of both worlds: certainty of price while still retaining the benefit of early resolution of your case.

Feel free to contact me via phone, my direct line is (414) 755-5020 or via email and see if me or my team can help.