Contract Drafting and Revision

People think they only need an attorney when there is a problem. However, preventative counsel is the most cost effective way to ensure you never need to spend the sometimes exorbitant costs of hiring an attorney to litigate a contract gone south. By utilizing preventative council, and having a qualified attorney draft and review your contracts, you can save your company large sums of money. A good contracts attorney provides preventative counsel, precise language, and is a deal maker not a deal breaker. Attorney Sean Sweeney promotes all three of these principals and can help your business be successful. Read more below about Contract Drafting and Revision services. (Click here to see all posts about Contract Drafting and Revision)

Preventative Counsel

When a contract is first entered into, both sides are just happy to get the deal done and often things are overlooked. It is not until later that these problems arise and one party, or both, wishes they had had an attorney look over the document prior to signing it. By utilizing Attorney Sweeney to draft and review your contracts, you will be avoiding extra unforeseen costs that can arise when a deal goes bad. Being precise in the language in a contract can go a long way towards preventing future grievances.


One of my father’s favorite sayings was “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” This proves doubly true in contract drafting. If I could sum up in one word my theory for drafting contracts, it would be “precision.” If a contract is not precise, it is being left for a judge or arbitrator to interpret what the parties intended after the fact. Instead, wouldn’t it be far better to simply be precisely clear as to what each party intends at the time the contract was drafted? Often times, when precise language is used, it can reveal where parties had different understandings of certain provisions and allow them to negotiate an understanding before the deal is entered into and one party or the other is accused of breaching the agreement. Attorney Sweeney’s whole focus is to ensure that exactly what the parties contracted for is represented in the contract.

Deal Maker
Amongst all of the preventative measures and precise language, the most important thing is to get the deal done. Many attorneys lose sight of the ultimate goal of a contract, to make a deal, and get caught up in the legalese of the contract. My education through the Marquette MBA program has allowed me to fully understand the need to get the deal done and not get entrenched in legal maneuvering. Attorney Sweeney is able to offer a unique blend of business knowledge with the legal know how to ensure that precise contracts are being drafted and are leading to successful deals, not preventing the parties from reaching an agreement.

Often times it can be beneficial to have your lawyer present during the negotiation process. This helps ensure that the intention of the parties is understood by everyone, and may help prevent having to go back to the negotiating table over legal issues that were overlooked. Attorney Sweeney can help with the negotiating process and help ensure that all of the topics that need to be covered are taken care of the first time around.